Senior News

By Linda Martin | Posted: Thursday July 6, 2017

The senior classes went to Balmacewen Intermediate to see their Science Fair.

On Wednesday 5 July the four senior classes walked to Balmacewen Intermediate to see their Science Fair. We learnt a lot about the kinds of things that interested them. These interests had then resulted in their scientific investigations being carried out. Our children noticed that fidget spinners featured often in the investigations, including inventing their own spinners and finding out if they really do enhance concentration and performance. They don't!  Balmacewen students investigated and proved that they actually reduced performance. 

 There were sports machines, soap powder studies, electrical circuits, strong structures, household applications and lots more to see and learn from. It was interesting to see our children skim quite quickly at the start and then settle to reading the presentations in more depth later on. This was the time that they started to notice that the written presentations included an aim, what the Balmacewen students did, what they found out and that a conclusion was finally reached. It was also great to see our ex pupils doing so well at Balmacewen Intermediate.  

It has been a very busy couple of weeks with interviews being held. Thank you all for coming in to discuss your children's progress. We appreciate the importance of our joint efforts to support your children to do well at school and in play.

Today we saw and heard the choir, orchestra and ukulele groups perform in our hall. They were fantastic! You would have been very proud of your child in these groups. The orchestra and ukulele groups travel to Balmacewen to perform and play with the Balmacewen orchestra tomorrow (Friday) too. 

We wish you all a happy and relaxing holiday break, and will look forward to seeing you back next term.