By Simon Clarke | Posted: Sunday August 6, 2017

Kaikorai Students compete well in STEM based challenge

The Epro8 Challenge is a competition, an engineering and problem solving race. In 2017 nearly 8000 students from over 700 schools from throughout New Zealand are taking part.

Teams compete to:

  • build large sized structures
  • solve practical problems
  • engineer using pulleys, motors, gears, wheels and axles
  • invent machines that can complete simple tasks
  • undertake unusual and fun experiments.
  • construct basic electronic circuits.
  • solve interesting problems using practical math's

Each team of four was based at a workstation containing an impressive assortment of easy to use parts and equipment. The 3 hour event began with a tutorial on the equipment teams will be using.

Teams were then given a booklet containing a number of challenges with varying levels of difficulties to solve a task.

Kaikorai entered three teams, the most of any school in Dunedin, and we are proud to say that the team from Room 2 came in third and will represent the school in the finals next week.  Well done to Ellen, Amelia, Emma and Azul.

Our other two teams also worked incredibly hard on the challenges and were literally minutes away from solving the most complex of problems which would have also propelled them into the finals.

Good luck for the finals!

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