Kaikorai Primary school runs a concept based curriculum based around the schools values.  Teachers and students will explore contexts within these big concepts based upon interest and needs.  For example under the value of kindness and relationships some classes might look at the context of the SPCA while others might explore helping agencies.   

Teachers will present new knowledge and skills within these contexts and children may be given time to use the new understandings and apply it to their own inquiries on a context that they are interested in but fits underneath the concept.  

Values - Concepts - Understandings

Relationships Systems Significance Change
Communities need to operate in a positive way to be successful and sustainable.
  • Every individual has a a role in the community
  • We can all contribute to a community
  • Some communities are similar and different
  • Tolerance and respect are important
  • Systems are a set of things working together to solve a problem
  • There are opportunities to make or create systems
  • There are reasons for creating a system and changing them
  • Being resilient when things get hard
  • The actions of some people have significant effects
  • It is important to aim high and not to give up
  • Everyone can make a difference
  • People can develop strategies to cope
  • Change is an important part of growing up
  • People and events are both the cause and the solution to change
  • You have to be keen to change
Sustainability Financial Literacy Production Structure
  • Things worth sustaining take effort
  • Everyone does/can/have a part/role to play
  • Sustainability is thinking ahead to the future and planning for it
  • Sustainability can be looking at the past to ensure a better future
  • Sustainability can be a natural or cultural phenomenon
  • People can make a change for sustainability
Our personal goals affect our career choices and lifestyles
  • We are responsible for our actions and decisions and the choices we make now have consequences in the future
  • Our values, rules and laws shape personal, community and business decisions
  • The innovation and enterprise we bring to our workplace influence the decisions made
  • The decisions we make in business impact on our income and wealth, and the well-being of others
  • Stories can be told through different media.
  • Mood can be shown through movement, music and images.
  • Different messages can be conveyed through the Arts.
  • You can tell a story through dance.
  • You can convey feelings and thoughts through body movements.
  • Dance elements, such as body, space, time, energy, and relationships all work together.
  • Has parts that interrelate
  • Has parts that support and are supported
  • May combine to form larger structures
  • Is no stronger than its weakest component