Kaikorai Primary School provides numerous opportunities for children who have special talents or are gifted. A small group of selected children work regularly and look at aspects of giftedness and provides opportunities for children to work on their inquiry projects. This group work in a flipped environment where the teaching happens online at home with the work and revision being completed at school.

We also offer our own enrichment programme on a Thursday afternoon where children who show a particular strength or interest are provided with a six-week programme to pursue their passion with one of our talented teachers. Courses include children’s philosophy, art and music to name a few.


Children are invited to participate in the ICAS exams. The subjects assessed in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) are Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling and Writing. Each year, a team of subject experts develop the tests with reference to the curriculum.

Extension Math

Mr Robin Hartley works with a group of children who have an interest and ability in mathematics each Wednesday. They also take part in the University of Otago's 'Problem Challenge' and the O’Mathalon Challenge.

Second Languages

Mandarin is offered to Year 5 and 6 students. A mandarin learning assistant is employed to assist in the delivery of the programme. French classes are also offered on a user pay basis and we also have a small Afrikans group who meet weekly.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Opportunities exist for students to develop leadership and complementary skills through a range of activities. These include Physical Activity Leaders (PAL), sports shed monitors, bell ringers, office helpers, road patrol, librarians, whanau group leaders.


Each year we have a small but committed group of children who are interested in coding and robotics. Kaikorai Primary School has a long and proud record of success at the Robocup competition.

Performing Arts

Each year many opportunities are available for students to take part in performing arts groups, including the school choir, orchestra and kapa haka. The school embarks on a major production every two years and we also provide access to the user pays drama group Marzipan.