Kaikorai Kiwis

Get your child off to a head start by joining the Kaikorai Kiwis!

Kaikorai Kiwis will help your child be fully prepared for their first day of school. It is run by our junior school lead teacher and consists of a variety of activities including basic literacy and numeracy skills, games and arts and crafts. Children will spend time in the new entrant classrooms and learn some of the schools routines and expectations. Perhaps most importantly, they will get to meet and make friends with children who will be starting around the same time. 

Our transition programme runs every second Wednesday starting from February 22nd from 1.30 - 2.45 and is open to any child from 4 years of age. If you would like your child to attend Kaikorai Kiwis then please phone the office (4640065) or email [email protected] to book a place.