The Rebuild

Kaikorai School has currently four major building projects being developed.

  1. The full school rebuild - September 2020 - February 2022
  2. New Playground - March 2020-October 2020
  3. Front field improvements - TBA
  4. Memorial Steps and Back Gate improvements.- TBA


Project One - Full School Rebuild

The school rebuild was announced in May 2017 but has been in the planning for much longer than that.  The initial brief of eight classrooms and admin has morphed into 12 new classrooms and an admin refurbishment in the current junior block.  This will mean that by 2021 all children will have equal access to the same learning environment.

Students will have access to a "learning street" running along the front of each block of four classrooms.  This will be an area of collaboration between students within and across different classes and also with different teachers. 

Large glass doors will enable supervision and more importantly learning support of children at all times by a number of teachers.  A new hall, makerspace/studio is included in the project.

Additional hardcourt space will be built and eventually the back field where the current hall is standing will be flattened and turned into play space.  Playground equipment will be dotted around the school with two destination playgrounds being planned for (see below).

A utility area for bike and scooter storage will be created in the current driveway and disabled parking spaces near the hall.

Kaikorai Primary School will be transformed into a space which enables collaborative learning, integrated curriculum delivery, a mix of teacher and student directed teaching and learning, project work while also fostering the all important relationships between student and teacher.


up high webkaikorai plan

Click the links below for a virtual tour of the new school.


Breakout space

Teaching Space 2



 Project Two - The Playground

Kaikorai School Colour Render3

Funded largely by the community, the playground will be the first of two once the school is fully rebuilt and will provide a welcoming entrance to the school via the Tyne St Gate.  Construction is due September this year with completion in October.

  • The Parent Group - $50,000
  • The Otago Community Trust - $30,000
  • The MacMillan Triust - $15,000
  • The Lion Foundation - $8,000
  • Sargoods Trust - $3,000
  • The Board of Trustees - $44,000

Project Three - Front Field Improvements

To be announced soon.

Project Four - Memorial Archs

Please follow this link to learn more about our restoration project.