Kaikorai Primary Cross Country

By Felicia Ward | Posted: Monday July 25, 2022

Save the date - Wednesday 3rd of August!

The Kaikorai Primary Cross Country event will be held Wednesday the 3rd of August at Bishopscourt. This whole school event is about fun and participation! 


Please note these are approximate times and races may run slightly ahead or behind schedule. 

11.40 - School to walk to Bishopscourt

12.00 - Welcome

12.10 - Year 0/1 Boys & Girls

12.20 - Year 2 Boys & Girls

12.30 - Year 3 Boys

12.45 - Year 3 Girls

1.00 - Year 4 Boys

1.15 - Year 4 Girls

1.30 - Year 5 Boys

1.45 - Year 5 Girls

2.00 - Year 6 Boys

2.15 - Year 6 Girls 

Year 0-2 children will return back to school at 12.45. 


Year 0-2: 500m (approximately) - Blue line

Year 3-4: 1km (approximately) - Orange line (1 lap)

Year 5-6: 2km (approximately) - Orange line (2 laps)

Image by: Felicia Ward


Children will need: 

- School top

- Sensible running shoes. No bare feet or shoes with spikes of any kind (e.g. rugby boots).

- A good lunch & drink bottle. Children will bring their bags to Bishopscourt. 

- Warm clothing.

Parent Help: 

Parent helpers are required for this event to go ahead. We require: 

- Parents to walk with classes to Bishopscourt and back to school. Please get in contact with your child's teacher if you are able to do this. 

- Marshals on the course. Please get in contact with Felicia at [email protected] if you are able to help. 

Cross Country Team: 

The cross country team (Year 4-6) that will compete at the Hills Cluster event on Wednesday the 10th of August will be chosen from this event and training runs at school.

Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to a fun event! 

Felicia Ward