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By Amy McBeath | Posted: Thursday November 24, 2022

He rā whatiwhati kō (A day of hard work). We're gearing up for getting ready for our school PBL market day, which might seem a bit like having a real job.

Demonstrating the KAIK Values in Term 4:

Being KIND ~ Atawhai

As we are getting nearer to the end of the year, many children are certainly starting to feel tired.  We've had some exciting trips and busy days already this term so it's easy to understand why they're feeling that way.  Being kind to ourselves and each other at this time of year is especially important.  In classes, we've been talking about thinking carefully about what we are saying and doing and giving our friends and classmates a bit of space if it's needed.

Being ASPIRING ~ Wawata

There are some great discussions happening in classrooms and in the playground around financial literacy.  Some children have been showing they can make some great choices when it comes to money and how they might spend or save.  Everybody has been thinking about what products they can be selling for market day and different aspects around how to market a product and therefore run a successful business.

Being INDEPENDENT ~ Mana Motuhake

It has been wonderful to see children continue to work hard in so many different areas and hear children articulate the different things they have been learning and what they are most proud of.  There has been a positive buzz as students discuss their own accomplishments with each other.  There are some pieces of writing at the end of this article with student sharing their thoughts about their learning.

Being KEEN ~ Hīkaka

There is a lot of excitement around our market day next week which will allow students to see their hard work pay off.  They are certainly keen to get their products and activities ready for others to enjoy.  Thinking about how to confidently market their products and activities using persuasive language has certainly got students thinking very creatively.

Noho ora mai - Stay well

Amy McBeath and the middle syndicate

Student Comments (these ones have been left anonymous)

* I am good at reading because at school we do reading every weekday.  I have improved my writing by doing it a wee bit faster but without rushing, I have also got a lot neater.  I'm proud of my basic facts because we have been practising our basic facts so I have got a lot better at my basic facts.  WOW! I did so, so well with my Jump Jam competition because I tried my best and we came 1st.

* I think that I am getting better at punctuation. I am very proud of my math because I am finding new and easy ways to do math. I am good at futsal. I am amazed at how good I have gotten at reading.

* I am VERY proud of myself because at the start of the year. I could not draw very well and I was scared to show anybody my drawings, but one day I drew this amazing realistic drawing of a dragon, and ever since that day I've been drawing and not being afraid to show people my drawings! I have improved on writing because I used to be very slow at typing on the computer. It took me 15 minutes to do 2 sentences but now it takes me 15 minutes to write a two-page story on google docs! WOW! I have read 15 chapter books of my favorite series, Wings of Fire! I also have improved on picture books too! At school, I have almost read all the books on the library shelf! (almost..) I am good at math, like Prodigy, Mathletics, 99 Math, Prototec and more! At the start of the year, I didn't really know algorithms but with the help of Mrs McBeath, I am now a pro! At the start of the year, we all couldn't do much. But if you focus, stay strong, and learn, you can finally do what you couldn't do, At the end of the year, we can look back at our differences and realize how far we have come.

* I have Improved my skills in futsal. I am good at writing because I'm good at checking back and seeing if I made any mistakes. I have improved in maths because I've much harder questions than I used to. I'm good at expressing myself in reading.

* I am good at reading harder words, using punctuation and using algorithms, and also drawing 3-D. I have improved on saying harder words, getting my spelling right, using times tables algorithms, and on making my own song on chrome music lab. I am proud of reading harder books, writing longer stories, and doing harder maths and I am also proud of my drawing abilities. WOW! I have really improved on reading DOZENS of long exciting books, writing looooooong documents, doing tons of hard math questions, and making lots of music that sounds classical.

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