By Simon Clarke | Posted: Wednesday June 5, 2019

Market Day this Friday!

We are half way through Kaikville and the school is very busy with lots of interesting things happening. 

Kaikville will culminate with our Market Day this Friday at 11:00.  It is expected that the Market will last approximately 60 minutes.  A foreign exchange will be set up at the bank (The Library) for parents where they can exchange NZD for Kaikorai Dollars at the rate of 1NZD=3KD.

This means that $10NZD ($30KD) will in fact buy you very little at our market day as most items will be priced between $10KD -$100KD.   The money is highly inflated for a reason and it is not to squeeze more money out of you!

We really want children to have to make a decision about the purchases rather than relying on parents who might "top them up" with some extra money.  In fact in this world, you will be better off getting your child to give you money to support you as they will all have around $200KD each to spend.  Wouldn't that be a nice change!

We would still love to see you at the market day to see what your child and everyone else has been doing this week.  We have a number of service industries running that will be offering their services.  Goods maybe down on other years as this year we have run a free market, where the students can sell the goods they make as they become available rather than waiting for the Market Day.

We continue  encouraging saving.  Children who make the decision to leave 75% of their income in the bank will be treated to a free swim at Moana Pool in Term 3.  It will be interesting to see how many children can plan for something better in the future rather than purchase goods on the day.