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By Linda Martin | Posted: Monday August 29, 2016

Children from Room 1 working at the Art Gallery and experiencing the thrill of competition before creating some art.

On the 31st of August, the seniors hosted the Mini Olympics.   All of the local kindies and playcentres came together and played some games that we had invented. It was the Olympics in Rio that inspired us to do a Mini Olympics for little kids. We split into four different groups to prepare for the day. These included medal making, event design, making music and anthems and flag making.

On the day around 150  three and four year old children, came to our school to play fun games and be part of our Mini Olympics. There was a really cool opening ceremony with anthems for each kindie and a torch just like in the real Olympics. At the end of the opening ceremony everyone in the medal group gave out medals to all the children and then the games started. Some of events included obstacle courses, shooting, throwing, a parachute and a balancing ball games. The attitude of the kids was amazing and you could tell that they were having the time of their lives. Another thing we had at the games was a waterstand. It was there in case the little children got thirsty.

Overall it was a fantastic day and everyone really enjoyed. We learned that the Olympics takes a lot of preparation, organisation, time and that it is a lot of fun!

By Kali Clinch in Room 4

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