Flippaball Teams, Term 1, 2017

By Emma Riley | Posted: Tuesday February 7, 2017

Flippaball will take place from: 12th February 9th April, Term 1.You can find the weekly draw on the school website.

Year 5/6 Sparks

Sophie Derbyshire Room 1

Eva Reynolds Room 2

Anabelle Batchelor Room 2a

Adam Rhodes Room 1

Te Toa Haggie Room 2

Cormac de la Harpe Room 4

Hannah Fleming Room 2a

Heidi Parker Room 1

Taylor Baker Room 2a

Callan Gemmell-Braisher Room 4

Sophie Lloyd Room 2

Laura Allison Room 2a

Hayley Brown-Fogarty Room 1

Coach: Grant Batchelor 022 649 7307

Year 3/4 Sonics

Toby Hill Room 5

Jacob Potiki-Tagg Room 6

Toby Hebden Room 6

Max Derbyshire Room 5

Austin Benoit Room 4

Will Pyper Room 3

Freya Glover Room 3

Johnny Kaan Room 4

Phoebe Bell Room 6

Toby Robins Room 5

William Cameron Room 3

Oliver Devereux Room 3

Coach: Hannah Bell 211 406 319

Team consists of 7 players: 6 field players and 1 goalie.

Meet at pool 10 minutes prior to the game.

No goggles, glasses or jewellery to be worn during the game.

Please ring the coach if unavailable to play.

Please support the coach whenever required.

Caregivers are responsible for their children to and from the pool and while there.

Practice your skills. ONE HANDED THROW AND CATCH!

Pool entry required. Players can swim afterwards.

Cost $25.00 This will be added to your account.

Enjoy your flippaball and thank you to our coaches and managers.

Paula Fisher

Room 9

Class Teacher

Kaikorai Primary School