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By Sarah Gilbert | Posted: Wednesday September 21, 2016

Outram trip, Camp and swimming information.

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our Tirohanga helper meeting and to those who have contacted us who could not attend. We appreciate your support and look forward to taking you with us. The essential gear and equipment list has gone home so that you have plenty of time to organise what you need.

A very special thanks to Murray Devereux at the Night and Day for donating pies for our dinner!

Keep an eye out for the next Tirohanga notice which will go out early next term.

Last week Room 3 and Room 6 visited their Pen Pals at Outram School. It was great to finally put a name to a face and get to know our buddies much better. We spent the morning in our Pen Pal’s classes chatting and singing. After play we went to the hall for the first of two technology challenges. In the first challenge, children had three pieces of newspaper and one metre of tape. They had to make a stand that would hold a ball all by itself, the taller the better. The second challenge was a great paper plane challenge which the children absolutely loved. Will Pyper, Toby Ollerenshaw and their pen pal won this challenge by using a piece of paper and paper clip to create a plane that would travel the longest distance. After lunch the Pen Pals said farewell and we traveled home on the bus.

Room 3 and 5 bid a final farewell to Miss Laing and Miss Jenson on Friday. Both classes enjoyed a shared lunch where their student teacher celebrated a successful year and final posting. Both Miss Laing and Miss Jenson are hoping to return to their hometowns in Nelson and Palmerston North to begin their teaching careers. We wish them all the best for their future teaching careers.

Swimming begins in Week 3 of next term. Children will receive 8 lessons at the DNI pool, and the cost will be approximately $65. By Year 3 and 4 we expect that children are able to dress themselves independently, you are able to support them by ensuring they wear appropriate clothing that is easily changed.


Week 3

Tuesday 25 October- Friday 28 October

1:00 Room 3

1:30 Room 5

2:00 Room 6

Week 4

Monday 31 October- Tuesday 1 November

1:00 Room 3

1:30 Room 5

2:00 Room 6

Week 5

Monday 7 November- Tuesday 8 November

9:30 Room 3

10:00 Room 5

10:30 Room 6