Room 1 Newsletter Week 1 Term 1

By Linda Martin | Posted: Wednesday February 1, 2017

Welcome Back Everyone - I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready to get back into our school routines again!

Teachers in Room 1

I am the teacher of Room 1. My name is Linda Martin and my email address is [email protected]. Please contact me by phone, email or by calling in if you ever need to discuss anything with me.

This year I am very pleased to welcome a student to Room 1. Her name is Miss Rosie Hardie. Miss Hardie is looking forward to getting to know the children and will take increasing responsibilities during the year in Room 1 to prepare her for her teaching role next year. You will see a lot of her as she will be with our class for the whole year.

Tony Reid will be teaching Room 1 every Friday while I carry out some tasks as Deputy Principal in the school.

This term we have an exciting range of learning opportunities that will be a lot of fun, while providing some challenge.

Concept for Term 1


Our big ideas are:

  • Things worth sustaining take effort
  • Everyone does and can have a role to play
  • Sustainability is thinking ahead to the future and planning for it
  • Sustainability can be looking at the past to ensure a better future
  • Sustainability can be a natural or cultural phenomenon
  • People can make a change for sustainability

Our main areas of learning will include:

making new friendships and sustaining positive relationships

The 6 Rs - recycle, reuse/repair, rethink/reinvent, refuse, reduce, rebuy

Arrangements for some field trip learning are still being finalised, and I will let you know the dates and venues later.


Homework is set on a Monday and should be completed by Friday. Homework is set to give the children opportunities to build their skills in Reading, Spelling and Basic Facts for Maths. Current Events will also be included this year. It should not need to take longer than 20 minutes, but many children like to do more, particularly when reading, or if they choose to continue with some of their googledocs work. Homework books need to be at school every Monday and Friday.


We have a fantastic library, well stocked with many appealing books. Our class library day is Monday and this is a good day to be ready to change books, however children can change them at other times during the week as well.


A sunhat is needed for playing outside. Your child should keep one in their tote tray to use every day.

15 February Meet the teachers

Year 6 Camp is in Week 7 from 14-17 March. A meeting will be notified soon to provide information.

Year 5 children will take part in an outdoor activity programme during that same week