Middle News

By Sarah Gilbert | Posted: Monday August 29, 2016

Middles Camp Info

Wow, the middles have been putting in a super effort into their reading challenge, some children have already completed their reading wheel and been into Hell Pizza to collect their free pizza. This promotion runs out on December 4th, so there is plenty of time to complete this challenge! Children in the three classes have really enjoyed sharing the books that they have been reading, as well as finding new books, series and authors that they may not have otherwise discovered. We have been really impressed with the children’s enthusiasm for reading and their display of independence while being responsible for their Pizza wheels.

Children in Room 3 and 6 have been writing to Pen Pals at Outram School. On Tuesday 13th September, Rooms 3 and 6 will be visiting our buddies and we are really looking forward to meeting them face to face. The cost of this trip will be free as the parent group will cover the cost of the buses. Children will be expected to wear their school top and bring a packed lunch and drink.

Week 8 brings an exciting event for Room 6. Their assembly item! This week they have been planning some ideas to showcase their learning and they are very excited to share this with their families.

Next term we have our overnight trip to Tirohanga and this year Room 4 will be joining us too. We will be holding a camp meeting for those parents who are interested in coming along on Wednesday the 14th of September in Room 3 at 6pm.   At the meeting you will receive a briefing on camp activities, expectations of parents, and a police vetting form (for those wanting to be helpers to be returned by Friday the 16th.

If your child has never slept away from home before we would recommend they have a sleep over with another family member or family friend who they are familiar with prior to the camp.

Dates for Tirohanga are:

Room 3 and Room 6

Wednesday 2nd of November- Thursday 3rd of November

Room 4 and Room 5

Thursday 3rd of November- Friday 4th of November