Horse Riding, Beach Photography and a VERY Long Tramp!

By Robin Hartley | Posted: Tuesday March 28, 2017

Room 4 and the year 5s head out for a great two days of outside adventure.

Beach Photography

While the year sixes were at camp. The year fives went on a trip to  Aramoana Beach to take nature photos. I went to Aramoana Beach first.  My group only had 2 boys counting on me!  We got a bus, and it took around about 1 hour to get there. When we finally got there, we walked a long way, it took about 45 minutes to walk there. I spotted a sea lion and a seal swimming. The beach was beautiful and we all got some amazing pictures. Finally we walked back for Morning Tea and I was very hungry.

Horse Trekking 

When we got to the Horse Trek we walked up to the cabin where the horse supplies were and we met Oliver.  We split the group into eight people and I was the only boy in my group. The horse I rode was called Harry and he used to be a race horse.   He was also 21 years old. We ride for 20 mins up, down and straight. We ride around little ponds and my horse almost fell into the water! While on the horse I felt good.  It was amazing fun! Next there was a drink break for my horse.  It took a very long time.  When we were moving again I could see the next group waiting for us and we finished. We ate our lunch and the next group hopped on the horses and they were off for their turn. 

by Cormac

The Hike up Mt Cargill

The hike up Mt Cargill was really fun. We had a GREAT View when we looked down. On the way up it was so steep I got goosebumps and I almost fell of the cliff because the wind was so strong. We climbed so high!

There was poison that could harm dogs and some possum traps on the way up Mount Cargill. It looks like DOC are trying to save our native birds.

The climb was super steep and it took us 4 hours and 39 minutes. The organ pipes were not what I was expecting. They were these huge rocks that stuck up in the air like poles and the view was amazing. There were two parts of mount cargill. The first part made my legs tired and the second part was okay. It was super muddy, bushy, mossy and slippery. There was a cave on the way and we stopped to eat there. I slipped at least twice and made my way through the thick mud. It was leafy and there were thousands of trees that were so tall. We got up to butter peak and the view was amazing we could see the whole city and the sea. What a great day! We were all very tired at the end of the hike.

By Austin, Johnny, Joseph and Mason

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