Come on... Blue?

By Paul Twemlow | Posted: Thursday March 17, 2016

A battle of blue on blue saw Kaikorai go down 6-2 but they never gave up.

In just 4 games, St Clair had scored an impressive 28 goals and lead the table. So, for our Kaikorai Cats to come close to them was great effort from everyone.

Our first goal started with an effort from Thomas and Manu peppering the goal mouth with attempts only to be finished off by the might of Sophie's right foot.

Yay, Sophie!

Charlotte (our MVP), started the game in goals and required a very quick substitution for a call of nature. Mason covered goals and with only 5 on court, Phoenix has a head clash and required emergency cuddles. 

He put on his brave face and rejoined the game just in time to force an own-goal and give the Cats 2 goals against the leagues best.

 Well done Cats.


Tomorrow, Friday 12:30. Bring your kicking shoes

Next Game

Wednesday 3:30 Court 14 against the BGP Hoppers

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