Week 2 in Room 10!

By Felicia Ward | Posted: Tuesday February 7, 2017

It has been fantastic getting to know you and your wonderful children over the past week. We are all looking forward to a fun year together in Room 10!

This week we are continuing to set up routines and will begin our reading, writing and maths programmes. Your child will bring home a book to read to you Monday to Thursday and a poem on Friday. They will also have weekly spelling words that they can learn both at home and school. Often spelling words can be learnt just for a test and then forgotten so remember to keep it fun and meaningful. Use magnetic letters, playdough, writing in sand or rainbow/bubble words. Our aim is for the children to be able to use their spelling words again in their writing.


Our library time is Tuesday afternoons. Please send along any library books you have on this day.


Our PMP times have now changed to a Wednesday and Thursday from 1.30 p.m - 2.10 p.m. If you would like to come along and help please let me know.

Me Bags

It has been fantastic to see so many 'Me Bags' coming along. Children can bring their me bag anytime this week to share with the class. After this week we will begin ‘Nifty News’ for oral language. A timetable for this will be sent home later this week.

Fun Friday

Fun Friday will now be Move It Monday. Each Monday afternoon we will participate in a range of sporting/movement stations. Suitable clothes and shoes will be essential.

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