Important Dates to Note

By Simon Clarke | Posted: Monday March 19, 2018

Tuesday 20 March - Parent Group AGM at Luna - 7:30pm. Wednesday 28 March - Keeping Ourselves Safe Parent Meeting - 3:15pm. Tuesday 3 April - Easter Tuesday - School Closed

Our Police Education officer will be in the school on Wednesday 28th at 3:15pm in the school staffroom.  He will be going over the outline of the Police programme 'Keeping Ourselves Safe' (K.O.S.) which we will be teaching, with his support for specific lessons from the 2nd of April until the end of term. This is an opportunity for you to become familiar with what is in the programme and ask questions either as part of the group, or individually after the session. If you have sensitive information that would be helpful for the class teacher to know at this time, please come and see either the class teacher or the Principal, Simon Clarke.