The Fair is Cancelled!

By Simon Clarke | Posted: Wednesday March 28, 2018

Will be the next headline that you will read if we cannot get more parent help.

A final paper notice will be sent home next week and if we cannot get people to agree to manage stalls we will be left with no other option but to cancel the fair. This will have a major impact on the programmes the schools can offer such as subsidised EOTC experiences, chatbus and many more.  It will also mean that the planned playground redevelopment will take a lot longer to complete.

Cadbury Car Park

The Kaikorai School Parents Group is needing more volunteers to help with our upcoming fundraisers this year. If you are keen to join the list for volunteers please email [email protected] to get your name added to the email list for future fundraisers.

We are fortunate to have been offered to run the Cadbury Carpark for the Farmers Market again next Sat 7th April so we are looking for a few parents/grandparents to volunteer an hour or two of their time between 8am-12pm next Saturday. This is a quick and easy fundraiser for the school. If you are willing to help out and/or want to be added to our contacts please email asap.

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