Parent Teacher Interviews

By Simon Clarke | Posted: Tuesday June 11, 2019

Parent teacher meetings will be held on the Tuesday the 2nd of July(3:30-8pm) and Wednesday 3rd of July (3:30-6pm).

These interviews are only 10 minutes long but if you feel like you need more time please talk to the teacher on the night to organise another time or you can make a double booking for 20mins. 

1. To make a booking please go to

2. Enter the schools unique code cj57n

3. We would advise you not to select back to back sessions as this may cause delays.

The site is live now!

Although the vast majority of parents will be able to access the web from a home computer, a friend’s computer or a workplace computer, our office staff are available to assist any families having difficulty with the booking process.

We advise parents to book early to confirm their preferred time.