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By Beth Downie | Posted: Thursday August 29, 2019

The time has almost arrived for our production - a lot of energy, enthusiasm and hard work is about to pay off.

I have been so super impressed with all the students who are developing a growth mindset towards our school dance production. For some, dance is not their first choice of activity they would engage in, but all pupils are putting themselves out of their comfort zone in order to create magic on stage and for the benefit of their classmates. The learning that is happening during this time is not only dance moves, moving to music and rhythm, but it is also teamwork, it is about persevering to the end, it is about the important historical events and most importantly it is about coming together as a class and having fun! Make sure you read the article about how you can get tickets to the show.

The Senior team all really enjoyed their visit to ToitÅ«.  One of the main reasons for this visit was to look at ways stories can be told in an exhibition.  Our 150th birthday is approaching and one of the ways we will be celebrating is developing our own museum. Each class will be creating exhibition pieces that will be on display over the Labour Weekend Reunion.  There will be virtual reality walkthroughs, digital location-based augmented reality (AR) games,  digital models of the new build and other ideas that the children will generate. It is sure to be an excellent learning experience for our pupils.

Looking ahead to Term 4, all the senior classes will be having swimming lessons at Moana Pool 

We are all looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming production.

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can help in any way.

Beth Downie and the Senior Syndicate team.

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