Kiss and Run

By Simon Clarke | Posted: Monday October 14, 2019

Please obey all road rules including not parking on yellow lines on Tyne St and following the guidelines below for the kiss and run area on Wright St.

Here is how it will work...

  • This area is for drop off and pick up only.  Time for a quick "kiss" goodbye or hello and then on your way.  If you need to get out of your car and go past the school gate this area is not for you!
  • The children will wait on Wright St for you to arrive so that you don't need to go and look for them.  If they are not there you will need to go around the block and try again or find a different park to find them.  Communication with your child will be the key here.
  • Please take the furthest away park to make room for cars following you.
  • If you want to go into the school or make your child walk a small distance the best places to park are around School St and below Tyne St.

The north side of Wright St is a mistake and should only be a P5 and not a kiss and run.  I have asked the council to correct the signage.

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