T-ball and Junior Softball kicks off this weekend Saturday the 19th!

By Megan Day | Posted: Thursday October 17, 2019

This week T-ball games will be grading games. Draw: Kaikorai Kakapos vs Mornington Hitters 10am D6 Balaclava Diamondbacks vs Kaikorai Tuis 10am D6 Kaikorai 

Kaikorai Kakapo under 9

Harry Dawson

Archie Jones

Arlo Jones

Logan Billyard

Htin Bhone Pyaet Kyaw

Caden Smith

Liam Glover

Jack Stevenson

Lily Stevenson

Maximus Mitchell

Morgan Mitchell

Coach: Mark Glover

 Kaikorai Tui - Under 11 

Lachie Baker

Archie Rhodes

Felix Robins

Freya Glover

Christopher McArthur

Nate Clark

Alex Holley

Ali Culpan

Joe O’Sullivan-Naito

Emma Dawson

Coach: Still required 

The Kaikorai Tui still require a coach, We need a parent to put their name forward and help the players on and off the field and hand out a player of the day certificate at the end of the game. The Otago Association Manager has offered to come along to the games and help out and guide this team alongside the coach. You can check the weekly draw on the Facebook page called Otago Softball Association Inc. The game times will also be on the weekly notices for you children to check the game time. 

Thank you