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By Sarah Gilbert | Posted: Wednesday October 30, 2019

Three weeks and this term has already been eventful and a lot of fun for our children.


Tirohanga is always a lot of fun, the weather forecast was not looking great beforehand but luckily we were able to complete most of our activities. The tramp up the hill is not long but it is steep! The children showed great perseverance in walking up the hill and were able to locate some of our favourite features such as "double tree" and many of the markers attached to the trees. They were rewarded with a sweet treat for energy at the top of the hill before they made their way back to camp. 

The confidence course and initiative course are always camp favourites. This year Maddox Adamson joins Jonty Ellis in history as he successfully climbed the high wall on his own with no support or help whatsoever. Well done Maddox!

John Hollows has become a major part of our learning at Tirohanga. As a koura (freshwater crayfish) farmer and local expert he shares his knowledge and gets children excited about looking for koura and preserving their natural habitat.

Thank you to all of the parents who came and supported children at camp. It has been lovely this week to hear them share all the things they noticed you doing from encouraging them to complete activities, helping them to manage themselves and belongings and just having a bit of fun.

150th Birthday Celebrations

Last week we celebrated our 150th birthday. The school reunion was held of the weekend with former students taking a tour of the school on Friday. The children enjoyed sharing their learning around the theme of looking back going forward.

It is really important to the teachers and for the children that the children remember our 150th birthday so we decided as a school to hold a week-long birthday celebration (this also coincided with camp). On Monday we had birthday cake and attempted our first drone photo. On Tuesday we had a massive bouncy castle slide and an ice cream from Blue Boy and take two of the drone photo. The second half of the week saw us head off to camp.


Swimming started on Tuesday and will continue next week, with the final day on Thursday. Please remember to ensure children wear appropriate clothes for getting dressed with ease. By Year 3 we expect all children are able to dry themselves and get changed independently. If you would like to pop and see your child swim, look at the swimming times and dates below.


In term 4 children are required to wear their school hats, it is important that these are clearly named. It is also a good idea to make sure your child has already applied sunscreen before coming to school which can then be reapplied at school.

Some of our children are arriving at school early. School is not officially open until 8:30 am when children are welcome to enter the buildings. The preparation time for teachers before this is very precious and best uninterrupted. 

Upcoming events


Week 4

Monday 4 November-  Thursday 7 November

Times in the pool

Room 3: 1.00

Room 5: 1.30

Room 6: 2.00

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