Room 4 - Parent Volunteer

By Rosie Hardie | Posted: Tuesday November 26, 2019

Hi all,

On the 9th of December, we will be having our last swimming lesson at Moana Pool. This will be a longer session (1 hour) as the kids get a chance to have some free time afterwards. One of the rules we have to abide by at Moana Pool is that children under 9 years need to have an adult in the pool for this free time.  As we still have a couple of children under 9 years old in our class we need one parent volunteer to get into the pool with them to make it happen! If anyone is feeling like some fun and is keen to come to help out please let me know through email.

If your name is down to come on that Monday but you can’t make a longer session please also let me know.

Thanks in advance, Rosarah 

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