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By Beth Downie | Posted: Wednesday February 19, 2020

What a fantastic start to the year the Senior team has had. It has been a busy start with lots of setting up of routines, testings, lots of class team building and getting to know us activities. We are all thrilled with how our senior team are working hard, displaying the school values and aiming him in all areas of work.

Our Year 6 road patrol crew have had their refresher training session with Constable Emily Plew last week and they can now safely get you across the Tyne Street crossing. It is fantastic to see our new Year 6's stepping into their leadership roles.

Some of the senior classes are fortunate to have Otago Girls' Year 12 PE students taking them for 6 sessions in sports coaching. Our students are really enjoying learning the fundamentals of basketball, football, rugby, and netball. 

This term we are challenging ourselves on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by completing the 'Kaik  K'.This is where the children run a kilometre around the school and surrounding streets. We have really noticed an improvement in not only their fitness levels but their attitudes towards running and physical activity. It is really pleasing to see them pushing themselves to improve on their previous run and efforts. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our Kiwi Golf session held at Nairn Street Park this week run by Melanie Harper. We learned to grip the club correctly, placement of our feet, the swing and how best to hit the ball. We have some budding golfers amongst us, Melanie was certainly impressed! 

As Year 5 activity week and Year 6 camp is fast approaching, we thank you for your offers of parent help and your support in making these EOTC activities a success. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all next week for our parent interviews and sharing your child's goals with you.

As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch if I can be of any help.

Beth Downie and the senior syndicate teachers.

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