Covid 19 Update (24/3/20)

By Simon Clarke | Posted: Monday March 23, 2020

Thank you to everyone who has responded so well to the new self-isolation rules.

 We have had very few children at school today and all are children of essential workers.  This has allowed the teachers to further explore our online learning options.

Our wonderful facilitator for the Hills Cluster has been busy preparing over the last few weeks for this day and has released this daily challenge for students to work on.  This is not compulsory but please add it to the list of other activities that we shared with you yesterday that your child could be doing. I personally would love to see a catapult that could fire a teabag! Feel free to share with me via google docs to [email protected]

Teachers are available, for the remainder of the week, through google docs, seesaw and email for any feedback that children may wish to seek on what they are doing.  We understand that many passwords are in homework books and the teachers are preparing to email out a sheet with all of your child's passwords on it.  Please do not email teachers asking for books to be dropped off or for specific work sheets for your child as this is not possible.

On Friday we will be having a virtual meeting with the staff to discuss our online learning options further and then on Monday the 30th the "school holidays" start.  Teachers will be responding to emails etc but it may not be an automatic response.  The teachers will spend much of this time working and upskilling on online learning.

From the 15th-24th of April we anticipate that we will have an interactive online learning environment ready for families and children who want to take part with teachers fully available between 9 and 3pm. 

If teachers become sick during this time it may be possible for students to work virtually with another class.  Please remember that these are unprecedented times and we are learning as we go as well.

Anyone who needs a Chromebook is welcome to come and collect one over the next two days.  A phone is not suitable for the types of things that children are capable of doing online.

Stay safe and kia kaha

Simon  Clarke