Thank you!

By Simon Clarke | Posted: Wednesday April 15, 2020

You have had a lot of information thrown at you over the last few days so I will keep this brief.

Thank you for supporting your child with their learning today.  We had more children online and ready to go than we would have had on a normal day of school!

We did experience a couple of technical issues as we expected but are slowly working our way through them.  Our debrief today identified the need to mute children and we have a solution for that now.  Unfortunately, this only works online and we can't mute them in your house.

The link to "mat time" in Google Meet will always be kept on your child's Google Classroom in the banner.

We have made a video and a flyer which will hopefully resolve some of the technical issues.

Sarah Gilbert our Assistant Principal summed it up well with her class note..."Thank you for helping to be teachers today, remember to look after yourselves first and foremost!"

See you tomorrow.

Simon Clarke

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