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By Amy McBeath | Posted: Friday July 3, 2020

What a term its been! Thank you again for your support during our five weeks of learning from home, and then supporting your children returning to school for the last seven weeks back in the classroom. It was wonderful to meet with parents during the last week of term to share and discuss learning goals and moving forward into term 3.

Over the last few weeks, children in the middle syndicate have been busy learning about how to keep our body working at peak performance. We’ve been discussing good sleeping habits, ways to exercise our muscles, and how we can fuel our bodies to stay healthy. Hopefully, the holidays will give them some time to relax and recharge their batteries ready for term 2.

Another focus for this term has been Sustainability. Room 3 has learnt a lot about worm composting. There has been a lot of discussion and questions that children have posed following their investigations. Room 5 has been busy making bird feeders which will hopefully help the birds around our school during the winter months. Room 6 has been looking at different materials that can be used for compost bins, and features that make composting quicker and easier. They’ve been busy making and discussing their prototypes with others.

Early next term there will be some information sent out about our overnight camp in Term 4. This will include information about dates, meetings for parent helpers, and costs. Our overnight camp is always a highlight for children and gives them the opportunity to work on and demonstrate our school values.

Once again, thank you for your support and feedback this term. Enjoy the time you’re able to spend with your children over the holidays. We look forward to seeing their cheerful smiles and hearing about their holidays (which will probably be quite different from the last holiday) at the beginning of next term.

Kind regards from the Middle Syndicate team.

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