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By Paula Fisher | Posted: Monday July 20, 2020

Hi, Room 10 families. Welcome to Term 3! I hope that you had an enjoyable holiday catching up with family and friends. Here is an update on what is happening in Room 10 this term.

School Value

This term our school value is:


*To work hard on a project

*To make good decisions

*To look after belongings

Our school value will be embedded into all of our learning throughout the term.

Term Concept

Our school-wide concept for the term is:


We will focus on this concept through our PBL sessions (Project Based Learning), where we will look at two questions:


How can we, as designers, create a school that promotes happiness?


How can we, as designers, create a children's ward that promotes happiness and a speedy recovery?


Room 10 has the pleasure of hosting our School Assembly on Friday the 11th of September.  This is a date for parents to put in their diaries.  We would love to see you there to support us!

Student Teacher

I am delighted to have my student teacher, Miss Dowling, return for two postings this term.  Miss Dowling will be helping to teach in Room 10 from the 27th of July -14th of August and then from the 31st of August - 25th of September.  


Our library time continues to be Friday at 9.00 am.  Please remind your child to return their library books to the class library box by Friday morning.


Homework began this week with a daily reading book, Monday to Thursday, and spelling words to learn each night, which will be tested on Friday morning.  The children will also have a weekly poem to read which you will find in their home book on Friday.  For the children who are learning their first 100 sight words, a word wall will also be glued into their home book on a regular basis.

Change of Clothes and Naming Clothes

Just a reminder to check that your child has a change of clothes in their school bag and also to ensure that all of their clothing is named.

Drink Bottles

In order to stay hydrated, it is important that all children in Room 10 bring a drink bottle filled with water to school each day.

School/Home Partnership

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please do not hesitate to come into school to see me for a chat or alternatively you can contact me by e-mail at:

[email protected] 

Paula Fisher

Room 10