Junior Swimming

By Felicia Ward | Posted: Tuesday October 27, 2020

Dear Parents

This term the junior syndicate will participate in swimming lessons with JC Swim School. Please note this term it will be held at the Wakari School Pool.

Children will have seven half an hour sessions beginning on Monday the 16th of November through to Tuesday the 24th of November.


Room 8: Leave school at 9.00 am to begin lesson at 9.15 am.

Room 7: Leave school at 9.30 am to begin lesson at 9.45 am.

Room 9: Leave school at 10.00 am to begin lesson at 10.15 am.

Room 10: Leave school at 10.30 am to begin lesson at 10.45 am.

Room 11: Leave school at 11.00 am to begin lesson at 11.15 am.

Room 12: Leave school at 11.30 am to begin lesson at 11.45 am.


Children will need to bring their togs, a towel, swimming cap and goggles. Please ensure everything is named. We would also appreciate if children could wear clothes and footwear that are easy to get on and off to make getting changed easier.


The cost for this will be $77 per child. This will be added to your school account. If you have any payment queries please talk to your child’s teacher.

Parent Help:

Parent helpers will be required each day to help with changing and getting children organised to get back on the bus to school. You are welcome to travel on the bus or meet your child’s class at Wakari School Pool.


Please fill out permission form below as soon as possible. 

Permission Form

Many thanks 

Junior Teachers