Issue 2 of Scholastic Book Club is Now Out.

By Paula Fisher | Posted: Monday March 8, 2021

Today your child would have received the Issue 2 flyer for Scholastic Book Club.

Orders for Issue 2 can be made online and need to be in by Friday the 12th of March.

Please note that only online orders are being accepted this year. Kaikorai Primary School will not be accepting paper orders.

Our school is in the LOOP!

When you order and pay by the parent LOOP system, your order will be electronically linked to the rest of Kaikorai Primary School's order.

Simply visit: or download the LOOP app.

All orders earn our school valuable points, which we can then use to purchase books for our library and other resources to support our children.

Any queries, please see Paula Fisher in Room 10.

Please note: There are still some Scholastic books on back order from Issue 1.  These items will be delivered to those children as soon as they arrive.

Any queries, please see Paula Fisher in Room 10.