Basketball Draw - Thursday 19th of August

By Simon Clarke | Posted: Monday August 16, 2021

Semi Final Time!

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Bounce Y1-2 Thu 13th May 26th Aug 27th Apr

Mini Y3-4 Thu 13th May 26th Aug 27th Apr - $50 4x4 half court
Pro Y5-6  Thu 13th May 26th Aug 27th Apr- $62 - 5x5 full court

Team Name - Registration Code - Coach

Spurs - 22585689 - Sarah Hill - 4:50 Court 1

Jaxion Mackay

Libby Allison

Mikey Hart

Jedd Hill

Jakob Brits
Archie Gordon
Shaun Mason Mataki

Angus Hollows

Hunter Wallace

Clippers - 22585692 - Ali Lu - 4:50 Court 3

Toby Ellis

Charlotte Henderson

Levi Lu

Liliane Irwin

Mackenzie Porter

Tiaki Herewini

Neihana Allison

Hugh Crampton

Rhys Hendry

Heat - 22585696 - Simon Clarke - 4:15 Court 6

Frankie Eley

Felix Robins

Lyndon McGowan

Taj Morey

Corbin Silby

James Glover

Shia Taele

Jaxson Hill

Takerei Tuwhangai

Sparks - 22585699 - Miss Day - 3:40 Court 5B

Hugo Scott

Jack Hathaway

Liam Glover

Jack Enlow

Celtics - 22585712 - Tracy Thomas - 3:40pm Court 7B

Theo Eley

Ava Scott

Lily Stevenson

Oliver Robins

Pippa Thomas

Ella Jones

Blake Hollows

Nuggets - 22585718 - Jeremy Seaman 4p:15m Court 7B

Maxi Seaman

Leon Cooper

Holly Watkins

Max Robb

Natalie Collie

Lucy Devereux 

Libby Gordon

Important Information from Basketball Otago

You will hopefully already be aware that Basketball Otago and the Edgar Centre have recently installed the new 'Glory League' video system which allows players and teams to view and share their game highlights after the game. This is an exciting new addition to the player's basketball experience and the system has proven to be extremely popular with basketball players around the country. The system has been used by North Harbour Basketball, Auckland Basketball Services, Franklin Basketball, Manawatu Basketball, Tauranga Basketball, Canterbury Basketball and Basketball New Zealand for over four plus years. It also allows family and friends who are unable to be at games can still share in the basketball action.

If you haven't seen this already, here is a short video showing what the system is about and how it works.

What is Glory League?

Find out about Glory league - Basketball' automated video system. For more info visit

Before school teams and players will be able to access the Glory League system for the 2021 season, we need each school team and their team coordinator to authorise that their team has parental consent to sign off the attached Glory League waiver. Waiver here

That consent will then allow Basketball Otago to activate each player on the scoresheet for the start of the game. Basketball Otago and Glory League are very mindful of ensuring 'player safety' through this system, and there are a range of safety processes and restrictions within the system to help ensure this. We will be very happy to discuss any concerns that any schools or parents might have with this new system.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all about this or would like to discuss further, and we hope your teams and players will enjoy this exciting new addition to their basketball experience this year. We look forward to a fun and exciting season of school basketball in 2021, and as always, thank you very much for all your support to help make school basketball happen.

Kind Regards,

Matt Brown

Community Basketball Officer

Office # 022 361 9053

[email protected]

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