Covid 19 Level 4 - Update August 19

By Simon Clarke | Posted: Wednesday August 18, 2021

Day One of online learning complete

  1. Mental Health of your child and family
  2. Google Classroom Links
  3. Extra learning websites
  4. Essential workers who need to send their child at level 3
  5. Survey for those who need a device during Level 3

We have had a successful day as our classes had their first online meeting with large numbers attending.  Teachers commented in our debrief that some students were anxious about catching Covid19 and other signs of anxiety.  It may be worthwhile taking the time to answer any questions that your child has.  The website Sparklers has some useful advice for parents or this story could be a good starter for a conversation.  Aroha's Way

We will do the same tomorrow with our half-hour meetings and await the announcement from the Prime Minister before announcing our plans for next week. 

If we are at Level 3 or 4 we will be ramping up our online learning programme next week.  You need to decide what is best for your child and family and this includes monitoring the amount of screen time.  None of what we offer is compulsory.  Nor are you able to request more work for your child.  Do expect a phone call next week if we haven't heard from you or your child.  We just want to make sure you are OK and have everything that you need.

We will have more information on Sunday to explain next weeks programme.

Finally some reminders...

You will need to be signed in to a google account, preferably your child's.  I have attached an information sheet below.  If you can't access their google username and login please email me - [email protected]

Room 10 link has changed from what was originally published.

Room                            Link                               Meeting Time     Join Code             

Room 3     Google Classroom                                     1pm                   sdb5hfy

Room 4     Google Classroom                                     9.30am              fjj4wmd

Room 5     Google Classroom                                     9:30am              wdbn2bb

Room 6A  Google Classroom                                      9:30am              q7g7qf5

Room 6    Google Classroom                                       9:30am              llx63zm

Room 7    Google Classroom                                       9:30am              llx63zm

Room 8    Google Classroom                                       9:00am              llx63zm

Room 9    Google Classroom                                       9:30am              uihdnyn

Room 10  Google Classroom                                       10am                 bpia6wr

Room 11  Google Classroom                                        9am                   jy7urw3

Room 12  Google Classroom                                        1:30pm             xizxncd

Room 13  Google Classroom                                        9:30am             llx63zm

Room 14 Google Classroom                                         9:30am             llx63zm

Tomorrow's meeting will consist of a 10-30  minute session depending on the age and attention span of the class.  They will focus on how to use Google Meets and Classroom, check-in to see how everyone is, and also see who has access.

If you are looking for more, we can direct you back to the following websites.

  1. Our Covid19 page -
  2. Home learning TV -
  3. Ministry of Education Home Learning page

At this stage, we don't have the capability to issue Chromebooks due to the lockdown.  However, if the decision is to move to Level 3 on Friday we may be able to either meet at school or deliver devices on Sunday.  We are still awaiting guidance on this.  Once again for our planning purposes, we need some important information in case we move to Level 3 next week.

Firstly we need to if you are an ESSENTIAL WORKER and would need to send your child to school during level 3.

You can come for parts of the week (eg just a Thursday) because your work allows you to look after your children from home for part of the week.  But you cannot send your child along if you haven't indicated in this survey that they will be coming.  Do not click "Yes" to both questions.  If you need only a few days covered please click yes to returning to school and make contact with your class teacher.

Please make sure you complete one for each child using the correct class link.

Secondly, will you require a device to support learning if we move to Level 3.

Kia kaha/Stay Strong

Simon Clarke