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By Felicia Ward | Posted: Friday November 5, 2021

What a whirlwind the first three weeks of Term 4 it has been.

The Juniors is an exciting place to be at the moment as we are right into movie preparations. Walking through classes, you will hear singing and see dancing as we practice our routines, lines and make costumes. Excitement is building as we get closer to finally having the movie premiere.

I’m sure there will some tired children this weekend after our first five days of swimming. We have been so impressed with all the children’s positive attitudes, giving everything a go. Swimming is such an important skill and we know the children will be able to put their new skills to practice in the coming summer months. Once again, we want to thank you for all your help, especially with the Level 2 restrictions. A reminder that our swimming days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week. 

With the beautiful weather, we have been having it is extra important that all children have their school sunhat. These can be purchased from the school office.

Lastly, we welcome College of Education students Mr Daniel Ashton to Rūma Ono and Miss Sian Stephens to Rūma Waru. We thank them for the amazing contributions they have made to their classes thus far.

Thanks for your continued support. 

Junior Teachers 

Classroom News

Rūma Ono

It has been all go in Ruma Ono over the last few weeks with swimming, practicing for our movie, making our costumes, and fitting in Reading, Writing, and Maths. I have been so proud of the massive improvements I have seen in the children’s swimming abilities and water confidence.

We also have a wonderful second-year student-teacher Mr. Ashton who has joined our class for three weeks to help out.

We have been hard at work practicing our dance routines for the school movie and we can’t wait for you to watch it!

Rūma Whitu

Over the last few weeks, Rūma Whitu has been learning about blending and segmenting syllables. This week we have been using our syllable knowledge to write Haiku poems. Here are some examples: 


I swim like a fish. 

I like to jump off the deep end. 

I am loving it. 

By Toby

Swimming like a snake. 

Blowing bubbles in the pool. 

It is so much fun!

By Caio


Swimming in the pool. 

New baby lambs are so cute. 

Daffodils blooming. 

By Ilaria 

Flowers are blooming. 

I like swimming in the pool. 

The lambs are running. 

By Arlo. 

Rūma Waru 

Room 8 are into bugs! We were so keen on collecting bugs from the playground at morning tea and lunch breaks, that we decided to find out more about bugs. In class we have been reading about bugs, writing about bugs, drawing bugs and making bugs! We are becoming bug experts!

For maths, Room 8 have enjoyed learning about New Zealand money. We can name all of the notes and coins, say their value and add money together. We discovered that you can count in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, or 10’s to help add money up. Some of us can even add up notes and coins and write down the total that it makes in dollars and cents!During swimming, we have thrived on the challenges of developing our skills in the water. We have been floating on our fronts and backs, developing our breathing and kicking techniques, as well as improving our strokes. We are little fish!Finally, we have really enjoyed having Miss Stephens, our student teacher, in our class. Miss Stephens, you are wonderful!From Room 8 Year 1 children

Room 13

We have been making splatter art. We squeezed paint out of bottles. It was really funny because when it came out it sounded like farts! By Gus

We made splatter art. My picture looked like a giant heart. I think it will make people feel happy. By Addison

We have been swimming. I like floating with my friend Freddie. By ManaiaAt swimming I love diving off the side of the pool and floating on my tummy. By Freddie

 At swimming I can float on my tummy and my back. I look like a starfish! By NevaI wore a life-jacket at swimming. It makes me float like a boat. By Liam

Room 14

This term we welcome Precious, Sofia and Sherlock to Room14. We are very busy and excited to go swimming everyday on the bus.
We have been learning about being ‘bucket fillers’ and how to be a bucket filler not a bucket dipper by being kind to others. We hope you at home have had some lovely bucket filling moments too.
Each week we learn a new letter of the alphabet and a new word to read and write.Some of us are even big enough to have a spelling note book to learn some words from.
In maths we are learning to make patterns that repeat with colours and shapes.

Soon we are going to be part of the school movie and we are going to work with Room 13 to make something special for the big screen. Wait for it !!!!!
Thank you to the amazing parents/ grandparents who are helping with swimming we couldn’t do it without you.

Please remember to have some spare clothes in bags in case of accidents there have been a few occasions where we don’t have any spare school clothes.
Please return any clothes your child has borrowed recently.
Room 14 and Mrs Oldfield

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